The streets are cold. The air tastes of metal. The buildings spew smog and drool oil. Sewage runs in underground rivers. Cold, unblinking lights keep glimmering eyes fixed on the muted crowds, and metal walks upright, dispensing order with blade and gunbarrel.

It wasn’t always like this. We know that. We have evidence, sealed and treasured. Memories of a better world. They give us the power to fight back.

Memories can be powerful things. You can use them. Work miracles, create wonders. But be warned: the old magic is illegal in the city. The Ministry doesn’t want anything to do with it. They have forgotten their roots.

This game uses six-sided dice, called d6s. Make sure you have multiple dice of two different colors. One set of dice is your Bloom dice, and represents your positive magic. The other set of dice is your Blight dice, and they represent your negative magic.

When you weave your magic, describe the memory you’re drawing on for power and roll. If the memory fueling your spell is positive, roll an extra Bloom die. If it’s negative, roll an extra Blight die.

Blight and Bloom cancel each other out, and your result determines your effect.

Spend Bloom one for one to:

  • Heal someone else’s wound
  • Cleanse an area of corruption
  • Bring warmth to a cold heart
  • Create something beautiful

Spend Blight one for one to:

  • Inflict a grievous wound
  • Turn the corruption against them
  • Sour someone’s attitude
  • Destroy something beautiful

If you roll a zero, you permanently gain an additional Bloom or Blight die, your choice.

You have as much health as you have Blight and Bloom dice combined. If you are injured, you lose one health. If you are healed, you regain one health. If you run out of health, you die.

The road to revolution is long and difficult, and you will need a diversity of tactics to unseat powers so entrenched. Find solidarity where you can, and never forget where you came from.